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Skyrim: Bethesda’s RPG will be back AGAIN on PS5 and Xbox Series X

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be back on our consoles again. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the title, Bethesda has just announced the arrival of a new version optimized for the next-gen on PS5 and Xbox Series X on November 11, 2021.

Like the mastodon GTA V of Rockstar, Skyrim is one of its titles that never ceases to be repeated until the overdose. And obviously, Bethesda is determined to put her back into diapers. Indeed, the American publisher, now owned by Microsoft since the acquisition of Zenimax Media, has just announced the arrival of a new improved version of its RPG on PS5 and Xbox Series X on November 11, 2021.

Originally released in 2011 on PS3, Xbox One and PC, the title was recycled to excess to continue its (too) long career on PS4 and Xbox One in a remastered version in 2016, before landing on Nintendo Switch in 2017. The multi-award RPG has been available on the Game Pass since March 2021. Logical, since Microsoft now has the entire Bethesda catalog.


Unsurprisingly, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition will be, according to Bethesda, the most complete version of the title. An argument we already found when the Special Edition was released on PS4 and Xbox One. Anyway, this umpteenth version will include the base game, the three paid extensions Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn, as well as more than 500 content from the Creation Club, in other words from the community (weapons, quests, dungeons, bosses, spells, etc.).

Logically, the game will take advantage of the power of the PS5 and the Xbox Series X to show itself on its best day, even if Bethesda has not yet specified the various graphical improvements that this new version will have. If you haven’t had your fill of Skyrim yet, you’ll get a free upgrade to the Anniversary version if you own the Special Edtion on PS4 and Xbox One. As for Game Pass subscribers, this new version will be available on November 11, 2021 on the Microsoft gaming service.

“After ten years, we can say with certainty that it is Skyrim fans who make the game shine and that its anniversary deserves to be celebrated,” says Bethesda. See you in 10 years for the release of Skyrim in Special Anniversary Definitive Edition on PS6. Meanwhile, The Elder Scrolls VI is still waiting…

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