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Android 12: notifications become less intrusive in landscape orientation

A new improvement of Android 12 has been discovered with the fourth beta developer. It concerns the design of notifications when the device is held horizontally. Messages will be less broad and less obstruct visibility when playing or watching a movie or series. But they also have less room for quick action.

A smartphone is used less and less to phone. What are the most common uses? Messaging and social networks of course. Browsing websites. Applications of all types. Listening to music. Watching video. Or playing video games. This latter use is far from being a minority. According to SELL (Syndicat des Éditeurs de Logiciels de Loisir), 71% of French people aged 10 and over play.

The videos and the game are two uses that have several points in common. One of them is the propensity to turn the smartphone horizontally, in order to enjoy a more immersive experience. Smartphone manufacturers are increasingly responding to the trend of horizontality by adapting their Android interface to a horizontal approach. Lenovo, with its Legion Duel, is a good example: Legion UI integrates a 100% horizontal mode.

With Android 12, horizontality will now be managed at the operating system level rather than the interface. Thus, many graphical elements of Android will be usable in both directions. And the notifications will be part of it, information unveiled by the fourth beta of Android 12 for developers and relayed by 9to5Google from which comes the visual below. By following the source link, you will find some additional captures.


The new notification format of course responds to Material You: colors that change depending on the interface, a roundness format with a hierarchy, the possibility of creating an independent window, etc. The novelty here is the width of the notification: it is much smaller. This is no longer a strip that runs the full width of the display, but a more measured rectangle.

This new format has two consequences. The first is the low intrusion of this notification. It now masks only a small portion of the content. And it also fits better into all the graphic elements. The second consequence is rather negative, since it seems that some quick actions are no longer accessible. If you receive a message, for example, the number of suggested responses is less important, since the available space is smaller. To see if Google will manage to find the right balance between the two by the release of the final version of Android 12 scheduled in a few weeks.

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