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Windows 11: an application allows you to find the old Start menu

Windows 11 will change everything in its design. The new Microsoft OS will thus completely review the operation of its taskbar, and by extension of the Start menu. It will be simpler, clearer and totally abandon the tile system. But if you want to keep the old one, it will be possible with Start11, developed by Stardock.

The principle is extremely simple, since it allows to put back the old Start menu on Windows 11. Here, it is the model of Windows 7, an example of clarity and intuitiveness, which is taken as the basis. Included in this new OS, it is true that this menu may seem old-fashioned, but no panic, since it is possible to customize it to the desire.


Thus, you will be able to modernize it with modern design elements, while keeping the operation of that of Windows 7. It will be enough to choose its style in the dedicated menu and the trick will be done. A simple, almost childish use, that will satisfy those who will not be able to get used to the new style of Windows 11. More than that, Start11 allows you to customize the taskbar by adding patterns or modifying textures. What to allow you to have a Windows customized according to your desires and your needs. For the moment, Start11 is free and in beta but should be refined over time.

The Start Menu is a Windows institution, present since Windows 95. True nerve center of the software, it has evolved with each new version, while keeping the same function. In 2012, Microsoft had attempted a poker game by deleting it purely and simply from Windows 8 (a similar contextual menu was accessible by hovering the mouse on the right side of the screen). He finally came back with Windows 8.1 and stayed until Windows 11.

Many consider that of Windows 7 as the most successful, because the most intuitive and practical. It is therefore possible to have it on Windows 11 if the heart tells you.

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