Back 4 Blood: Join the open beta now and hunt the Infested!

Call your friends and prepare your arsenal, you have an infested invasion to repel! Following early access, Turtle Rock Studios officially launches the open beta of Back 4 Blood, its new cooperative FPS. Stop the Apocalypse now!

Until August 16, discover a complete and explosive taste of the new action game of the creators of Left 4 Dead. The open beta first includes two cards from the «Cloud» mode in which two teams of four players compete in a series of three rounds, with the Cleaners on one side and the infested on the other. Added to this are two cooperative cards that place you in front of waves of Infested more and more intense, to exterminate with the help of your friends!

On the casting side, the open beta gives you the opportunity to play as five different cleaners (Evangelo, Holly, Walker, Hoffman and for the first time «Maman»), and six variants of Infested (the Colossus, the Nausea, the Spitter, the Explosive, the Crusher and the Picket). Whether on the Cleaners side or the Infested side, each has its own unique weapons, abilities or specifics. Explore them all to find the character or characters that best suit your style of play.

Cross-play and cross-gen compatible, this preview will also allow you to familiarize yourself with the game’s card and decks system which allows you to create different experiences at each of your games. Finally, the open beta gives access to the Fort Hope community hub where Back 4 Blood players can exchange and prepare for their next attacks!

Ready to save the world? Now join Back 4 Blood’s open beta, scheduled for release on October 12. An adrenaline-packed co-op experience that will be available day one in the Xbox Game Pass.

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