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Sans prévenir, Sony commercialise une nouvelle console. Ne vous affolez pas, il ne s'agit pas d'une grande nouveauté : Sony dévoile seulement uns PS5 délestée de quelques grammes, pour la rendre plus légère.

The PS5 is a beautiful baby: 39 centimeters high, 26 cm deep, and 3.9 kg for the digital edition of the console (without player). A weight considered too high by Sony, which decided to put its new generation console on a small diet. The company has therefore launched its improved PS5 Digital Edition.

The changes are minimal: you will not find much difference between the PS5 already on the market and the new model, numbered CFI-1100B01 in Japan. So we mainly note a weight loss of 300 grams, for a PS5 Digital corrected to 3.6 kg.

Another evolution observed: Sony has replaced the screws on its console with flat head screws, which should be easier to put on and remove. It is possible that this version 2.0 of the console has benefited from other changes, but they have not been noticed yet.

It must be said that it is very difficult to obtain one of these consoles: since it went on sale in November 2020, the PS5 is constantly out of stock. This shortage is likely to last a long time: with the pandemic, many factories have remained closed for several weeks or even months, resulting in delays in orders. In addition, some of the components needed to manufacture consoles are no longer found, as they are widely used by all other current technological devices, such as mobile phones, computers or cars.

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