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Battlefield 2042: PS5 players will be able to compete on Xbox Series X

Battlefield 2042 will allow players from different consoles to compete with each other. However, those who launch it on the old generations will be put aside for technical matters, but can easily catch up if they change machines.

Battlefield 2042 is the new part of the famous franchise. It will bet 100% on the online game, since there will be no single-player campaign. The multiplayer will have to be solid on all points. We now learn that players from the various platforms will be able to compete, which is a great thing.

Indeed, a PS5 player will be able to fight and team up with Xbox Series X and PC players. Everything will be done in an invisible way, as is already the case on other games like Fortnite or Rocket League. If the heart tells you, you can disable cross play to stay with players with the same console as you.

PS4 and Xbox One players will also be able to compete, but will be separated. A technical choice, since the lobby on these platforms can only hold 64 players, against 128 on PS5, Xbox Series X and PC. If your friends have switched to PS5 and you are still on PS4, you will have to play on your own or change your console.


But DICE will make your life easier if you buy a new machine later. Indeed, your progress and all your items purchased on old consoles will be transferable to the next-gen version. This is enough to push players to start the fight even if they have not yet managed to get a PS5 or an Xbox Series X.

Finally, the developer said the bots would fill in the games if the players run out. If someone leaves in the middle of the fight, they will be replaced by AI, which will itself be replaced if another player arrives. It should be invisible to other participants. A way to speed up matchmaking and make battles more fluid.

As a reminder, Battlefield 2042 will be released on October 22 on all the platforms mentioned above. The exclusively multi title will take up what makes the salt of the franchise, namely large-scale battles with gigantic maps and vehicles, but adding climatic events like tornadoes.

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