Crash Drive 3: a fast-paced launch trailer for the multiplayer racing game

It is today that Crash Drive 3, game car definitely uninhibited, launches on a huge host of platforms. The opportunity to take a look at the title and watch a launch trailer in good form.

As its name suggests, Crash Drive 3 is part of a franchise whose goal has always been the same: to do anything in a multitude of cars with a maximum of online players. This time, for this third episode, the firm M2H has been working hard since its baby is making himself available – today, moreover – on almost all current platforms.

Completely cross-play (but also featuring a solo campaign), Crash Drive 3 allows the PC communities (via Steam and Epic Games Store), PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, iOS and Android to fuck each other in five large open cards, each dedicated to a specific theme. So we find the desert, the castle, the ice, the moon and the paradise island with secrets to discover, insolent springboards, arenas and more and the best

Ten modes will also be available to spice up the action, ranging from real races to fights, through the game of police and thief or… “destroy the beach ball”. To do this, about fifty different vehicles are available, including the race car as well as the ambulance, the tank or the rally car.

To illustrate what could be called a happy mess, a launch trailer is released. We repeat, Crash Drive 3 is available today on all the platforms mentioned above (and there are many).

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