Sony offers the studio Nixxes Software, specialized in portages

If Sony defends itself from any «acquisition race», the acquisition of Nixxes Software follows very closely that of Housemarque.

Of course, there is no question of competing with an acquisition of the magnitude of that of Microsoft when the promoter of Xbox spent the trifle of $7.5 billion in the takeover of Bethesda.

Portages Specialist

However, Sony confirmed its appetite for the moment and, a few days after swallowing Housemarque – notably known for the excellent Returnal – the Japanese announced the acquisition of Nixxes Software.

The company doesn’t tell you anything? So you haven’t, like us, spent hours on the measurement tool integrated with Shadow of the Tomb Raider . Founded in the Netherlands in 1999, Nixxes Software has indeed specialized in various and varied ports.

For example, this studio took over the PC/PS3 versions of Tomb Raider Underworld years ago. He also worked on Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Hitman: Absolution in their Windows versions. More recently, the company took care of Rise of the Tomb Raider then Shadow of the Tomb Raider still on PC.

Through this acquisition, could it be that Sony is looking to have a larger strike force on PC?

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