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Nintendo Switch OLED (Pro): the new console is official, it arrives October 8, 2021

Nintendo has just announced its new Switch OLED, a subject of all rumors. It will feature a new 7-inch OLED display and a redesigned design. It will be released in October. It brings little innovation compared to the first model released in 2017.

We were waiting for him for the E3 with a big announcement from Nintendo. Finally, the manufacturer waited for a rather dull Tuesday to unveil its new Switch on its official website. A rather curious announcement, but it is very real. The console is scheduled to be released in October.

Do not call it Switch Pro, since its official name is Switch Model OLED. As its name suggests, it has a brand new slab that will bring definite advantages, such as a higher contrast but also a greater respect for colors. It is also a bit bigger, since it is now 7 inches (against 6.2 inches for the Switch). The dimensions of the console are the same, since here the screen edges are cropped.


The design has also been slightly adjusted, including an adjustable foot, very convenient for playing in the train or in the plane. For its part, internal memory has been increased, since Nintendo now offers 64 GB, still expandable via microSD. The speakers, which are not really good on the normal Switch, were also reviewed.

Nintendo has planned a new dock for its Switch OLED. It has a slightly more rounded design and an Ethernet port is appearing. However, the Kyoto firm does not seem to indicate that it will be 4K compatible, the official website only talking about «game in HD». Finally, note that the console will be available in two colors: neon, as on the first model, as well as white (which pulls gold on the visuals). It will be available on October 8, but has no price at the moment.

An interesting model, therefore, but which is not the revolution expected. Of course, the OLED panel will bring greater gaming comfort, but we have the same console, as powerful as the old one and with the same features.

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