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SpaceX has just sent a carpool of 88 satellites into space

SpaceX has just sent 88 additional miniature satellites into space. To bring these satellites into orbit, Elon Musk’s company relied on the Falcon 9 rocket. Since the beginning of the year, 900 satellites have been thrown out of the Earth’s atmosphere.

On Wednesday 30 June 2021, SpaceX launched the mission “Transporter-2 in space. This large-scale mission was several days behind schedule due to a myriad of obstacles. Scheduled for take-off on Friday 25 June, the mission was postponed after an aircraft entered the rocket’s safety zone.

Transporter-2 is a ride-sharing mission to send 88 satellites into space. These satellites were carried in orbit by a Falcon 9 rocket, the launcher composed of ten Merlin engines powered by kerosene and liquid oxygen.


The rocket has already allowed SpaceX to send many satellites into space. At the beginning of the year, the company founded by Elon Musk sent a record of 143 satellites in a single orbit. In the coming years, SpaceX hopes to reach the 400 satellites sent simultaneously by the Starship rocket. In general, the company is content to propel the satellites in groups of 60.

This is already the 20th launch of SpaceX satellites since the beginning of the year. It is also the fourth similar launch in a month. Since last January, the astronautics firm has launched an impressive total of 900 satellites into space. For example, SpaceX recently sent an Ethereum node into Earth orbit with the help of a blockchain company. However, most of the satellites sent are dedicated to the operation of Starlink, the broadband internet that will be offered worldwide in August 2021.

However, this is only the second flight of the SpaceX carpool program called SmallSat. This program allows companies to send discounted prices of miniaturized satellites into space. The shipment is offered at a starting price of one million dollars. Among the companies and organizations involved in the launched satellites are the Pentagon’s space development agency, the United States Department of Defense. With 5 additional satellites, the agency hopes to improve communication with its vessels and alarm systems.

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