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Avis aux amateurs de Fortnite et de comics Marvel ! Après une saison 4 riche en super-héros et super-vilains à débloquer, voilà qu'un héros de la Maison des Idées débarque de nouveau dans le jeu d'Epic Games : le Ghost Rider. On vous dit tout !

Marvel Team heroes continue to make their comeback in Fortnite! After Ant-Man, Black Widow, Captain America, Daredevil or Blade, it is the turn of the Ghost Rider to come back within the shop of objects in the game of Epic Games. A skin available for free through the Ghost Rider Cup, in November 2020, before landing in the game shop.

A skin for which you need to spend a little, since this one is no longer available for free during the dedicated cut. You will have to pay 4400 V-Bucks for the complete Ghost Rider pack, including the character’s skin, the back accessory “Infernal Chain”, the collection tool “Mystic Fire Chains”, the glider “Ghost Glider” as well as the coating “Fire Skull”.

If you want to buy the items separately, also know that the skin of the Ghost Rider and its back accessory will cost you 1500 V-Bucks. The glider will cost you 1200 V-Bucks, the 1200 V-Bucks pick and the 500 V-Bucks coating. Note also that a new skin from the universe of superheroes is soon to arrive in the game, that of Loki, as announced Epic Games on June 28 on his blog. Complete your collection of Marvel skins and accessories!

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