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While the Loki series, on Disney+, follows its course, Fortnite decided to surf the wave by offering a skin of the God of Malice from the Marvel universe soon in the Epic Games app.

After Thor who landed in season 4 of Fortnite, it’s the turn of Loki, the God of Malice, to take a ride in the Epic Games game! The publisher announced on its blog on June 28th that a skin dedicated to the Marvel character would be available in the game’s object store from July. An arrival that also echoes the broadcast of the Loki series, currently available on Disney+.

A skin that must be available within this month’s Club pack, more precisely. For its active members, it arrives even from 1 July, from 2 am. The pack includes the skin of Loki, a back accessory “Cape of Loki”, the pick “Scepter of Loki”, the glider “Chariot of Chitauris” as well as the loading screen “Home of Loki”.

Also note that for those who take the Club Pack, they will also get the combat pass of this new season, as well as monthly V-Bucks – 1000 per month, the billing day – and the Club Pack of June, if you subscribe before July 1st, including the skin of the Mecacâlineuse, as well as several accessories. And the opportunity to complete his collection of Marvel skins, several of which are currently available in the shop, like Black Widow, Ghost Rider, Captain America, Ant-Man or Thanos. Get to the controls!

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