Friends gamers followers of Fortnite, to your calendars! Epic Games offers you again in its store of obkets a skin of Venom, famous antagonist of Spider-Man. We tell you everything!

The gamers fans of superhero Marvel are not at the end of their surprise on Fortnite… After Daredevil, Ghost Rider and Black Widow, it’s the turn of Venom to come back in the soft signed Epic Games, through a skin available in the shop of objects. A skin available originally at the time of season 4, and again accessible during season 7 which started in mid-June, with a whole bunch of novelties.

Concerning its acquisition, know that Venom is available only in a pack, including the skin, the accessory of back “Symbiosac”, the pick “Symbiotic Slicer” and the emote “We are Venom”. A pack that will still cost you 2000 V-Bucks! Originally, it was available for free during a Cup, during season 4, before landing in the shop of objects. His return will delight all fans of this anti-hero, adapted to the cinema in 2018.

And if not, many other Marvel superhero skins are available in the shop, like Thanos, Captain America, Blade, the Silver Surfer, Ant-Man, Psylocke, Domino, Cable or Daredevil. The opportunity to complete his collection if it is not already the case… To your controllers and good game!

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