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Starlink: Satellite Internet service to be operational in September

Starlink is about to become a reality. The satellite Internet connection service is expected to be operational in September, according to the company. For the moment, we are far from a large-scale use, since the Elon Musk firm still has to collaborate with the various regulators.

Starlink, we’ve been hearing about this for a while, but the project is becoming a reality. In fact, Elon Musk’s firm is soon ready, according to its president Gwynne Shotwel. It states that the service will be operational by September.

As Reuters reports, the president says she has successfully deployed 1,800 satellites and that they will soon reach their operational orbit. Important information, since this means that Starlink can offer continuous and international coverage. You will thus theoretically have access to the net no matter where you are on Earth.


Of course, September is only a first step. Elon Musk plans to deploy a total of 12,000 satellites for a total of $10 billion. What to create a dense and reliable network for all users. Similarly, it is still necessary to collaborate with the different regulators in the world in order to offer Starlink to users. In France, this request has already been approved by Arcep.

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Starlink does not pretend for the moment to replace the terrestrial Internet offer. Indeed, its connection is limited to 150 Mbps in downflow and the price is still prohibitive. But we may have the premises of a revolution. Musk has already boasted of nearly 500,000 pre-orders and boasts of not having any major technical problems at the moment. As we write these lines, the beta service is available in 11 countries.

A nice promise, on paper, but still a little unclear. It will become tangible next September, therefore, and we should have an initial idea of its effectiveness or not. And you, do you expect this new Starlink service? Do you want to try it or do you find this system a bit useless? Let us know in the comments!

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