PlayStation wants to play with Xbox or PC players

Cross-play in video games is the ability to play online with players using different consoles. This feature is not systematic, and some versions of games may be restricted to their own version, while others can play together freely.

Sony has always been hesitant with cross-play. Until 2018, Sony has prevented its PlayStation 4 from taking advantage of this, creating a gap between PS4 players and others (ex: Rocket League, Fortnite). The firm went so far as to ask for compensation for that, meaning that if someone played mainly on PlayStation, but that person paid for content on iPhone, Sony wanted its share of the prize. This was the case with Fortnite and Epic Games. Mentalities have evolved since then, to everyone’s delight. The firm even goes so far as to encourage it.


In an interview with Axios media on June 18, Jim Ryan, director of Sony Computer Entertainment, stated verbatim: “we support and encourage cross-play”, stressing that the feature is present on many big games like Fortnite, Rocket League, Call of Duty, or Minecraft, and that number will continue to evolve. Surprising comments when we know that Borderlands 3 benefits from cross-play on all platforms except… the PS4 and the PS5, a choice that would have been made at the request of the publisher 2K Games. In any case, this famous cross-play is on track for Destiny 2, and seeing it arrive on other games can only be good news.

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