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Xbox One allows you to play without the console

Microsoft has confirmed that the next-generation Xbox Series X/S titles will be playable on the old Xbox One console via the Xbox Cloud Gaming platform. This is very good news in times of shortage

While the Xbox Series X and Series S will probably remain difficult to find in the near future, Xbox fans will finally have a new way to play the latest games, even if they don’t own one of the latest Microsoft consoles. Indeed, Xbox Cloud Gaming is on its way to Xbox One, announced Microsoft this week.

In its blog post, Microsoft says that Cloud Gaming will work on Xbox One, as it already does on web browsers and mobile apps. The company announced that some of the exclusives planned for 2022 like Starfield, Redfall and Stalker 2, would require the power of Xbox Series X and S and will therefore use the Xbox Cloud Gaming to run on the already eight-year-old Xbox One. This will also be an opportunity for Xbox One players to discover the game Microsoft Flight Simulator, which is only available on PC and Xbox Series.


The arrival of Xbox Cloud Gaming on the old generation of console will give a good boost to Xbox One players who have not yet been able to purchase a new console, in an unprecedented shortage for Xbox Series X and S consoles. We should not expect the situation to improve in the short term, as the shortage is expected to last until 2022.

Of course, you don’t need an Xbox One console to take advantage of Microsoft’s cloud gaming offering. Just before E3 2021, we learned that there will soon be an Xbox app for smart TVs, and Microsoft is even planning to release its own stick for streaming.

If you still want to buy an Xbox Series X or Series S, but you can’t find any stock at the retailers, Micromania-Zing recently launched a console rental system. The new Xbox Series X will be available soon.

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