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Windows 11 SE is hidden in the preview of Windows 11

With the release of the first preview of Windows 11, users have discovered that Microsoft is also developing a hidden version in Windows: “Windows 11 SE”. More limited, this version of Windows could be intended for future PC service in the cloud of Microsoft

The first preview of Windows 11 circulates on the net, and many users have already been able to make an initial contact with this new version of Windows. The screen shots of the interface multiply, which gives you an idea of the new interface.

The icons on the taskbar are centered in an arrangement that evokes a lot of the Mac Dock. The corners of the windows and menus are rounded. The control panel, among other interface elements, is better organized and highlights your Microsoft account – like Apple with the Apple account in Mac System Preferences.


To use both operating systems for years, my personal feeling is that the PC interface had never been so close to that of Macs. But this is not what surprised the first users the most. Very quickly, indeed, Internet users went digging into the mysteries of the operating system.

They found references to a Windows 11 variant called “Windows 11 SE” – and they were able to activate it. The variant is more limited than the normal Windows 11 version. It does not allow you to create a local account – using a Microsoft account is mandatory.

From then on, all indications are that this is the successor of Windows 10 Cloud Edition – a version of Windows 10 developed for a future cloud service that Microsoft could launch later this summer. In any case, we should know more on June 24: Microsoft is organizing an event dedicated to the “future of Windows”, which should detail all the new features of Windows 11.

What are your first impressions on Windows 11? Do you like the new interface? Share your opinion in the comments of this article!

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