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Several Apple customers have received IMac M1 with twisted support

Available for a few weeks now, the new iMac M1 can suffer from a support problem

Indeed, some customers have received the new Apple computer with slightly twisted support.

iMac M1 with a slightly crooked screen

While the new iMac M1 has been very positively received, both for its new look and performance, some buyers of the new Apple computer have something to be disappointed. Indeed, some copies are accompanied by a slightly twisted support.

As a result, once installed on the desktop, the brand new Apple iMac M1 with the unfortunate tendency to tilt one side or the other. The difference between the desk and the bottom of the screen is still small, but it is present at an average of 0.5 to 1 cm.

It remains to be seen whether this concern affects only a few copies of the new iMac M1, or whether the problem is more widespread. One thing is for sure, all the owners of the new Apple computer will take care to measure their model, in order to check that their screen is perfectly aligned with the desktop.

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