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Plextor announces new PCIe Gen4 SSDs, up to 7 GB/s read and 5 GB/s write

The Japanese firm took the opportunity to change gears and switch to PCI Express 4.0 on its M.2 format SSDs.

Plextor is a star in the world of engraving, thanks to devices renowned for their excellence, and has been struggling to negotiate the transition to SSD storage. Somewhat lagging behind the big players in the sector, however, it remains in the race for innovation.

At the level of the best

It’s already been a few months that companies like Samsung (with its 980 Pro ) or Western Digital (via the WD_Black SN850 ) have spent the second with PCI Express 4.0 SSDs capable of 7 GB/s throughput in sequential reading.

Plextor is a bit behind, but it remains one of the few companies in the sector to offer such performances. Its new M10P is an M.2 SSD that teases the best, at least on paper, with this famous 7 GB/s in sequential reading and at least as remarkable speeds of 5 GB/s in sequential writing.

At Plextor, these flow rates are revolutionizing the manufacturer’s catalogue: they are twice as high as those of previously marketed models such as MP9eG. Plextor points out that to achieve such throughput, it uses PlexNitro II technology.

A complete range

This technology was imagined, as the name suggests, by Plextor’s engineers. It uses a SLC cache to boost the read and write speeds: the SLC acts as a buffer. A technique that is also as effective in the management of reading/ writing sequential as in random mode.

Several products make up the M10P range, starting with the M10PG, which Plextor has a large heat sink that seems close to what Corsair can offer. For its part, the M10PY takes the form of a PCI Express card to be able to integrate into more configurations.

Note that these variants exist in three capacities: 512 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB. This marks a significant increase compared to previous Plextor SSDs. Availability is scheduled for June 2021, but no rate has been advanced at this time.

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