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BloodRayne Betrayal: a remaster announced on PC and consoles in a bloody trailer

Remember: In 2011, Wayforward completed the gestation and gave birth to BloodRayne Betrayal, a 2D beat'em all that had experienced some success. The unexpected revival of a franchise that had marked its time: we learn, therefore, not without a certain pleasure, that the title makes its return through a version "Fresh Bites", that is... remastered.

About a decade ago, the small studio Wayforward had done well by laying BloodRayne Betrayal, an action game in 2D dark and violent and borrowing good ideas. It was also, finally, a new title of the BloodRayne saga, a brand that had been abandoned for years. Today, we cannot say that the franchise has really been revived since, but it has nevertheless been bought by Ziggurat Interactive, which seems to have some small plans for it. For the moment, these are limited to remasters: the first and second episode are thus released in this way and, as they say, never two without three.

Here is a third touch-up and you guessed it, it is BloodRayne Betrayal who will arm for the occasion of the subtitle “Fresh Bites”: we speak here of a definition in 4K and a difficulty retouched for the fifteen levels proposed (with the possibility of opting for the original one).

Above all, we note the presence of a completely redone dubbing: Laura Bailey and Troy Baker (yes, they were already everywhere at the time) will resume their role of Rayne, the heroine half-vampire half-human, and Kagan. Finally, we are announced the removal of some bugs here and there to optimize the experience.

If BloodRayne Betrayal: Fresh Bites does not have a specific release date yet, it is said that it will be released “soon” on a host of platforms: PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. That way, there’ll be plenty for everyone.

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