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Windows 11 will be able to launch Android applications

Mentions on the GitHub of the Windows Subsystem for Linux GUI project managed by Microsoft confirm that a native Android emulator for Windows 11 is in preparation. Developers will rely on the Linux subsystem for this.

We know that Microsoft has been interested for some time in ways to better integrate the experience of Android smartphones into Windows. A rumor even claimed that Windows 10 could integrate a native Android emulator as of Windows 10 21H2, in other words the Sun Valley version that is likely to be renamed Windows 11.

A new proof of this emulator has just surfaced on GitHub. Microsoft manages many projects, especially around the Linux subsystem. In the list of the latest release notes of the Windows Subsystem for Linux GUI (WSLg) project, we can read two disturbing mentions.


Microsoft would have “repaired the window of the Android emulator that freezes in the absence of an image” and “repaired the window of the Android emulator that freezes and causes a crash when the window is minimized”. Everything thus indicates that Microsoft developers are in the process of developing this emulator via the Linux subsystem of Windows 11.

Everything reminds us of the famous Project Latte that was supposed to allow Android developers to deliver their applications on the Microsoft Store. The applications in question would not need to be modified, except for their packaging in an MSIX file. Since they would then be launched as they are thanks to a new emulator whose silhouette is increasingly visible.

There are, however, reasons to question such a device. After all, Apple has already shown the way by making it possible to launch iPhone and iPad apps without any modification (or emulation, for that matter) on Mac M1. A problem arises immediately: these applications are optimized for touch screens.

If that’s not the case with your PC, using your Android apps will come down to finding tricks to control them with your mouse and keyboard. Moreover, it will not be a priori question to bring the Google Play Store in Windows 11, which seems to limit the scope of this emulator which will probably be there in troubleshooting.

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