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Halo Infinite: the multiplayer mode will be free, the release at the end of 2021 is confirmed

Among all the announcements of Microsoft during its conference at E3 2021, the presentation of the multiplayer of Halo Infinite made a big noise. For the first time, the publisher showed images of the fashion that, among other things, made the saga popular over time. The latter were accompanied by very good news: it will be completely free and available at the launch of the title, at the end of the year.

The return of Halo is a small event in the gaming community. The slightest bit of information is holy bread for fans, and Microsoft did not disappoint them at its conference at E3 2021. We waited for new images of the game, we were served. It is this time the multiplayer mode that has been put in the spotlight, by images of the gameplay that give water to the mouth.

Since 3 years that the game was announced by 343 Industries, fans are waiting to have a glimpse of the arenas and clashes that it will offer. From what we’ve seen, it’s a success. The fights are dynamic, the moves take full possession of the space thanks to the grapple (obviously very popular at the moment since it will also be present in Battlefield 2042) and the arsenal of weapons available allows you to customize your style of play at will.


The developers treated multiplayer as a full game mode, and not as a simple bonus that will delight fans of the first hour. Several modes will be available, without any specific details yet. Microsoft nevertheless promises massive clashes within the title, which should therefore welcome many players on a single arena.

In addition to these enticing images, we were surprised to learn that the multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite will be completely free. The latter will come out at the same time as the game itself, namely… we don’t know yet. We were waiting for a specific release date, but we will have to be a little patient. Only certainty, the game will be released in its entirety at the end of the year. Let’s hope that the exact date will be revealed soon.

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