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Xbox Series S: this funny project turns the machine into a portable console

Your Xbox Series S could soon become the best portable console in the world thanks to a new Kickstarter. This crazy project aims to provide a screen to the console, so you can play it wherever you are

The “xScreen” is an attachable device that owners can connect to their Xbox Series S and use as a screen. It has a 1080p definition and a 60 Hz refresh rate. This means that it will not be possible to enjoy some games in 4K and 120 frames per second. The device is also equipped with built-in speakers. To say the least, the resemblance to a laptop is striking.

The most interesting, of course, is not the technical details of the screen, but its main advantage: to be able to turn an Xbox Series S into a portable console. At the beginning of the year, we explained why Microsoft never released a portable version. It should also be noted that since it is only possible to buy games in digital format, you will not have to carry all your game boxes when you travel.


The Kickstarter has not yet been launched, but it already seems to be well received by Internet users. However, the project is not completely original, as it is not the first screen of its kind. Indeed, this kind of devices already existed for some consoles such as the GameCube. In 2018, a modder also managed to turn the Xbox One X into a portable console for 2,000 euros.

The xScreen Kickstarter is scheduled to launch soon, but anyone interested can already book the device for a symbolic dollar on the xScreen website, which will lock in its $159 early bird price for the first 200 units. The next 200 will go up to 189 dollars, while the final price will be much higher. It will cost 249 euros for the screen.

While waiting for the xScreen to be released, you should know that Xbox consoles are also available in a cloud thanks to xCloud. Yesterday, we even learned that it would soon be possible to play Xbox on any smart TV, even without having a console.

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