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Windows 11: 11 minute video confirms imminent launch

Microsoft just posted a strange video on YouTube. You can hear all the jingles of Windows, from Windows 95 to Windows 7, slowed down 4000 times. If the result is confusing to say the least, it is mainly the length of the video that proves relevant.

Although Microsoft is organizing a major event on June 24 around Windows, the actual content is still unknown. For a fortnight now, the assumptions about the launch of a Windows 11 are well underway, but the tech giant has neither confirmed nor refuted this assumption.

Nevertheless, a new clue supports this thesis: Windows 11 should be announced by Microsoft in less than two weeks. The editor of Redmond has just released a video that captures all the jingles we hear at Windows launch, slowing them down 4000 times. We will leave you alone to judge the result (it’s rather soaring), to interest us here in the length of the sequence: this video makes exactly 11 minutes.


Is an 11-minute video really the sign that Microsoft is about to launch Windows 11? This is not the first clue that Microsoft provides as to the name of its next operating system. Windows 11 has already been teased through an animation. In it, the reflection of the new Windows logo shows the number 11. This figure is also visible in the image that accompanies this article. Another clue concerns the time Microsoft planned its conference on June 24. It will take place at 11 o’clock, a rather unusual schedule for Microsoft.

Although Microsoft has always said that there will be no successor to Windows 10, it is not impossible that the company has finally changed its mind. For the moment, we still don’t know what the OS’s road plan will be. What will be the new features? Currently, only one leaked a screenshot showing the new Windows Settings application. The other question that remains is the future of Windows 10. Will there be a 21H2 edition of the OS at the end of the year as planned, or will the novelties of this Build be integrated into Windows 11, stopping any major updates of Windows 10? Patience, all these questions will be answered on June 24, no matter what.

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