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Android 12 beta 2 is available: Google talks about a record number of installations

A Google maintainer, David Burke, announces the launch of the 2nd beta Android 12 and reveals an unprecedented level of enthusiasm. It must be said that Android 12 is probably the deepest Android update of recent years. The fact that Pixels are no longer the only smartphones compatible with the beta has probably also played.

Dave Burke, one of Google’s maintainers in charge of Android, has just announced in a tweet the launch of the second Android 12 beta. He took the opportunity to announce that “the Android 12 beta is by far our most downloaded and installed beta”. It must be said that Android 12 is undoubtedly the most important update of recent years.

The user experience and interface design have been refined to a new level. For example, there is a theme system that uses an AI to analyze your wallpaper and generate the accent colors that match best with it. Material You, the new design language, no longer hesitates to move away from the visual codes established by previous generations, which gives a real feeling of freshness.


There is also a mountain of new developments around privacy, such as the new Privacy Dashboard that allows you to keep an eye on the permissions of each application. You can find out for yourself by consulting our folder dedicated to Android 12 news. Dave Burke does not give a precise figure, but his comment suggests that Google is actually seeing a real buzz around this version.

Android 12 probably owes this as much to the substance as to the form – in other words the modalities of this Android 12 beta. Usually, indeed, Google offers Android beta first on its Pixel smartphones and a handful of competing smartphones. This year, several models of smartphones Xiaomi,, Vivo, TCL, Sharp, Realme, Oppo and Asus join the list.

This means a larger fleet of compatible smartphones. What do you think of Android 12? Are you like a lot looking forward to seeing it arrive in your smartphone? Share your opinion in the comments.

Android 12’s beta is by far our most downloaded/installed beta ever. Speaking of which, Beta 2 is available today:

— Dave Burke (@davey_burke) June 9, 2021

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