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Fortnite, season 7, new chest: the cosmic chest, our guide

For some time now, Epic Games likes to add new types of chests to its game. This season 7 was the occasion to invent a new type of chest related to the invasion of aliens on the island, the cosmic chest. Let’s see what he has in store for us


The first thing we can say about these Fortnite chests is that they are rare, but that finding one will clearly be worth the candle in view of the multitude of treasures it abounds. Think of it as a llama in terms of variety of content and quality.

But if the content is as good as you can imagine, it will not be easy to get your hands on it. Thus, the cosmic chests are surrounded by a shining stone that you will have to destroy with the pick to be able to access the loot and this is long if you do not know how to go about it.

Indeed, each time you have a face on which you can type. If the face is red, you are on the wrong one and if you hit the right one, you will see the next one appear for a short time in blue. Follow the indicated path and you should not take too long to open this cosmic chest.

Gather up the squad and take turns smashing the weak spots to open the Cosmic Chest! This new item is part of the #FortniteSeason7 update.— Fortnite News (@Guille_GAG) June 8, 2021

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