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TikTok, Facebook, Instagram… Here are the 10 most downloaded apps in May 2021

The SensorTower research institute published the ranking of the 10 most downloaded apps on smartphones in May 2021. TikTok retains first place in the standings across all platforms, but also takes first place on the Play Store, taking Facebook into second place.

Each month, the SensorTower research institute, a specialist in mobile application market analysis, presents its ranking of the most downloaded apps on smartphones. This ranking is interesting, because it highlights the differences in usage between iPhone owners and Android users. And contrary to popular belief, just because Android represents more than eight out of ten smartphones in the world doesn’t mean iOS doesn’t influence the ranking. Quite the contrary.

The ranking for May 2021 reveals that TikTok’s ascent is not yet complete. The popular social application among young people is first in the overall ranking as well as on iOS. It was already in April 2021. But, unlike last month, TikTok is also in pole position in the Android rankings of May 2021. The app thus surpasses Facebook. Facebook is also number 2 in the ranking of all platforms, as in April. On iPhone, Mark Zuckerberg’s social network is only sixth. YouTube is in second place.


In third place overall, we find Instagram, which also takes third place on iOS and Android. Then comes WhatsApp, currently very controversial on these new conditions, followed by Facebook Messenger in fifth. This means that the Facebook group gets four of the top five positions in the overall ranking. We understand why Mark Zuckerberg is so keen to combine the data from the three applications.

In sixth position, we find Zoom. The video conferencing app manages to gain a place in the overall rankings, while it is positioned in seventh place on iOS AND Android. The fault lies with YouTube, which is systematically preinstalled on all Google-certified smartphones, and CapCut, which is much less popular on Android and ranked fourth on iOS. Capcut is eighth overall.

In seventh place is Snapchat. The social app is fifth on Android and absent from the iOS ranking. Telegram is ninth, while it was the most downloaded in January 2021. And Josh, an Indian alternative to TikTok, is tenth. Finally, note the presence of Google and Gmail in the iOS Top 10 (ninth and tenth respectively). These are apps that are never downloaded on Android, since, like YouTube, they are preinstalled on phones that use the Play Store.

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