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iPad Mini: New version may drop Home button

Apple is reportedly working on a new version of the iPad Mini, according to Bloomberg. A big update in the design would be on the program and the tablet would see its Home button disappear on its facade.

Is Apple preparing a new version of the iPad Mini? The latest one was unveiled in 2019 and it may well be that 2021 marks the big comeback of the small tablet. According to Bloomberg, the Cupertino firm would be well at work on a redesigned model.

The site says that Apple plans to offer it a brand new design, a first for five years. This product would be closer to the iPhone at the visual level with a glass back and much finer edges. Apple would also be doing tests to remove the home button in order to save space on the edges and propose a more modern use of tactile slate.

For now, the development is in its infancy, but Apple would be confident in its product. Indeed, the pandemic had an unexpected consequence for the tablets of the brand that saw their sales jump by 43% in one year. It is therefore not surprising to see the firm of Cupertino trying to revive the iPad Mini machine.


At the same time, Bloomberg evokes the future iPad Pro. As a reminder, the latest one was introduced recently and is equipped with an M1 processor. Apple would already be working on the next one and could bring welcome technologies, such as wireless charging and MagSafe, as on the latest iPhone.

What’s more, this new iPad Pro could offer reverse charging to recharge your iPhone only with your tablet. However, the site makes it clear that Apple’s plans may change over time, as we are still at the very beginning of the process. The target is 2022.

In any case, there is little chance of seeing these two new products at the WWDC opening conference on 7 June. However, you could see MacBooks Pro.

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