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FidelityFX Super Resolution: AMD launches competitor at Nvidia DLSS

AMD has announced the launch of FidelityFX Super Resolution, its super-sampling feature competing with Nvidia’s DLSS. The FSR promises doubled performance for 4K games and will be compatible with a hundred graphics cards.

In 2018, Nvidia launched a new super-sampling feature with its GeForce RTX 20xx graphics cards called DLSS. It allows appreciable performance gains for 4K displays by creating a game rendering with a lower definition, and then uses upscaling to improve its quality. The performances are all the more interesting when ray tracing, very greedy, is activated.

Three years later, AMD has finally announced its own version called FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR). The firm promises up to double the performance for 4K games. This new one will have to delight many players, since it is announced not only on the graphics cards series RX 6000 and 5000, but also on the series RX 500 and RX Vega, as well as on all Ryzen processors incorporating a Radeon graphics chip.

The FSR compatible with Nvidia graphics cards

The FSR will have four levels of adjustment, in order to find the best compromise between the visual quality and the number of images per second. Basic, the Radeon RX 6800 XT displays 49 frames per second in 4K with ray tracing for the Godfall video game, and reaches 78 to 150 frames per second by activating the FSR, depending on the setting chosen.

Better yet, the FSR is free licensed, so it can work on Nvidia cards. A demo during the presentation shows a 41% performance gain on an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 card, which is incompatible with DLSS. The FSR will thus give a second life to older maps. AMD will launch the FSR on June 22 on around 100 graphics card and processor models, with support from around ten studios and game engines.

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