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Far Cry 6: Cuban Revolution, Yara, Dani Rojas… All the latest news

Far Cry is a first-person shooter license. The very first game of the series was born in 2004, then spawned four (soon five) sequels, and no less than six spin-offs.


This new Far Cry anchors its action on the fictional Caribbean island Yara, inspired by Cuba. Despite its island status, Yara has the largest land ever drawn for an episode of the series. As for temporality, the action is taking place today. The inhabitants of the island live entrenched on themselves for 50 years, and are directed in repression by the head of state Anton Castillo, played by Giancarlo Esposito. If his face tells you anything, he’s one of the big bad guys from Breaking Bad, the boss of Los Pollos Hermanos. In Far Cry 6, this dream antagonist embodies the authority, the patriarch, the leader of the revolution that liberated the country 50 years ago, and that now muzzles and tortures his people, slowly but surely preparing the succession of his son, Diego. Feeling that a new era of dictatorship is being prepared, the people intend not to let themselves be trampled on and wish to lead a revolution. Who is going to lead this guerrilla movement? It’s obviously you.


One of the most striking elements of this first presentation, is the customization side pushed to its maximum. The identity of our character, who is called Dani Rojas regardless of his appearance and gender, is chosen from the outset, and as the guerrillas get stronger, all kinds of possible changes, whether in the weapons, or even in the vehicles we will drive and modify to make them more dangerous. We also notice kinds of ultimate backpacks, called “supremos”. It is a kind of endgame equipment, which can take different forms. We could see a flame thrower, a multi-rocket launcher like “Stalin’s Organs”, and a kind of jetpack. To see how far we can fly with, the environment of Far Cry 6 promising to be rather vertical and quite varied…


Among the novelties, we quickly notice that a city is one of the key features of the episode. It may sound silly, but this is the first time in a Far Cry, the area is not only filled with small camps mostly hostile. Besides the contribution in terms of atmosphere and staging, we are especially curious about the interactions available, especially with the civilian population. Since the city is run by repressive military troops, we believe that the focus will be on infiltration, with missions where one will have to disguise, sneak, and remain discreet. We are also very curious about life in this city: will NPCs have consistent routines? Will we be able to stop at a bar to sip a little rum and listen to the OST of the game that promises to be excellent? Wait and see!


Another approach quite new for the saga, we clearly feel that there is a small shift “game that is not taken too seriously” that reminds a lot of Far Cry 3. In the trailers, this is felt especially in the dialogues, which highlight the character of our character, who can speak, unlike the hero of recent episodes of Far Cry. There are also a lot of crazy details, like the character who treats himself by cauterizing his wounds with his cigar, the domestic crocodile of one of the NPCs, who dressed him with a small T-Shirt, or even a small wounded dog too cute, who can create a diversion among enemies. Anyway, a lot of really fun little details. And this is also felt in the arsenal of weapons, some of which are unlikely, like this disc launcher of the Macarena. Such lightness, in a world where you have to globally murder a whole bunch of people and blow everything up…


If you have looked at the gameplay images of this Far Cry 6, you have understood it, there will not be a huge gap between Far Cry 5 and this new episode. The game will also be cross-gen, and will be released on PS4/ One, PC, PS5 and Xbox Series. On the technical side, it is always the Dunia 2 engine that is used, and this, since Far Cry 3, has seen what it can bring new in 2021, and how it can adapt to the new generation supports. We will have the answer at the release on October 7, 2021.

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