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The USB-C is charging with 240 watts!

Exit laptop chargers and their proprietary connectors. The USB-C certification evolves and homologates the fact of increasing from 100 to 240 watts of maximum power via the standard USB jack during deployment.

Here is a revolution in the USB revolution. The latest USB-C standard that is gradually being rolled out, both on mobiles and on computers, whether PC or Mac, will make the ugly power sockets proprietary to laptops disappear. To go further, the USB Developers Forum (USB-IF) has just announced that the standard is going to «revision 2.1». A revision that certifies that it is possible to go beyond twice the current watt power that this connection can accept.

While it capped at 100 Watts, which was already enough to power most laptops, it now peaked at 240 Watts. With such power, it is now possible to power the vast majority of desktop computers and laptops for gamers.

Cables of 5 A and 50 V minimum

The ability to use USB-C beyond its previous specifications was already known and out-of-standard adapters were even marketed to achieve this. This did not pose any particular problems because it is indeed possible since the start to push this power to 240 Watts. The new specification was called the Extended Power Range (EPR). It is precisely this label that will be affixed to the compatible cables and chargers.

To be part of this category, a cable will have to support up to 5 A and 50 V. So, obviously, for machines requiring more power, the standard will not be enough and there will always be power supplies going beyond, with their proprietary cables.

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