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Electromechanical microsystem: what is it?

Electromechanical microsystems - microelectromechanical systems - or Mems, electromechanical systems range in size from a few microns to a few tens of nanometers. The Mems generally incorporate mechanical elements coupled to electronic elements, hence their name. They play on electromagnetic, thermal or fluidic phenomena.

The first electromechanical microsystems were developed in the 1970s and were introduced in the 1980s. Today, they are very present in our daily lives, for example in airbag release systems, at the heart of telephony, the automobile or the medical sector.

BioMems are usually integrated into laboratories on a chip to integrate all the steps of a biological protocol on a miniaturized system. photo science

From Mems sensors to specialized Mems

The electromechanical microsystems called Mems sensors aim to bind a mechanical deformation with an electrical variation. This is the case with pressure sensors that allow us to monitor our tires or acceleration sensors that control our airbags.

Some derived terms refer to Mems a little more specialized and sophisticated. So the Moems — for Micro-electro-mechanical systems, understand optical Mems — allow you to manipulate light or electromagnetic information. They are in the projectors and so on.

BioMems, on the other hand, integrate microchannel networks, where microfluidic flows occur. They allow you to interact with life, at the protein level — a few nanometers — at the cell level — a few tens of micrometers — or at the tissue level — a few millimetres.

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