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The Cybertruck is already a success, Tesla exceeds the million pre-orders

The Cybertruck continues to ride the wave of success, as Tesla announced it has registered more than a million pre-orders. The most popular model is the Dual Motor, which displays 48% of the reservations on the counter. However, the first deliveries could be postponed to 2022, due to delays in the construction of the Gifactory Texas.

Introduced in November 2019, the Cybertruck immediately created a sensation. Its design, certainly at least atypical, is however not the only reason for its popularity. As soon as the pre-orders were launched, Tesla set a rate of $100 for the reservation of its futuristic pick-up, the lowest commission of all the company’s vehicles. By establishing a relatively low commitment for its customers, the manufacturer ensured immediate success.

A week after its introduction, the Cybertruck already had 250,000 reservations. One would have thought that the trend would have gone down after a certain time, but that is not the case. Despite the economic challenges associated with the pandemic, the numbers continued to climb to 600,000 pre-orders in April 2020. According to an internal document published by electrek, the pick-up would have exceeded the symbolic threshold of one million.


According to the same document, the Cybertruck Dual Motor is the one that is most popular by future drivers. The latter accounts for 48% of pre-orders, while the Tri Motor model follows closely with 44.5% of bookings. They are sold for $39,900 and $69,900 respectively. The single-engine version is a bit sluggish, with only 7.5% of customers planning to buy it.

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Contrary to Tesla’s prediction, all these Cybertrucks may well not be handed over to their owners this year. The Gigafactory in Texas, where the pick-up will be produced, is still under construction and no end date has been announced for the moment. For example, the first deliveries could take place in 2022, even though competition in the field is expected to be fierce. The manufacturer has indicated that the two top-of-the-range models will be the first available.

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