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If you are in possession of a PS4 or PS5 console, you know that every month Sony offers you free games with the PlayStation Plus subscription. And good news, Sony is also relaunching its Play At Home program which also offers free games to players! So, what are the free games of June 2021? Take stock!

Every month the same story! Many rumors appear on the web to predict the PlayStation Plus games of the month… Unfortunately, predictions are often reduced to big anything, but this time, that is not the case. The latest rumors were true!

Starting June 1, three new productions will make their debut on PlayStation Plus. Members who subscribe to the Sony service will be able to leave with Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown, the latest surprise announcement from SEGA, but also with Star Wars: Squadrons, the popular title of Electronic Arts, or with Operation: Tango, an adventure by Clever Plays (Leap of Fate). Three productions with different intentions.


Let’s start with the last minute surprise! Just a few hours ago, SEGA officially announced the return of the Virtua Fighter saga with Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown. This brand new edition of the game first released in 2007 for the launch of the PlayStation 3 offers players everything that made the flavor of the initial game, namely accessible fights, but also very technical, many game modes, and a complete roster with a total of 19 characters. Of course, this new edition is not only repeating what has already been done by the essential fighting game of the seventh generation of consoles, it also brings many improvements, starting with the addition of improved visuals (from now on, the title uses the Dragon Engine, an engine that has already proven itself with Judgment). Note that the production of SEGA will also reveal new musical compositions, an improved user interface and many Online features.


The second production on PlayStation Plus starting June 1 is Star Wars: Squadrons, Electronic Arts’ highly successful space shooter. It offers to all fans of the universe of George Lucas to take control of the most emblematic vessels of the license in order to participate in a long campaign (requiring between 9 and 10 hours of play) staging both sides. Indeed, the History mode of Star Wars: Squadrons alternates regularly between the point of view of a unit of the Rebel Alliance and that of a member of the Empire. Obviously, the shooter taking place after the events of Episode VI, The Return of the Jedi, also offers players a multiplayer mode opposing two teams of five players.


Finally, as usual, PlayStation Plus offers players an exclusive production for members owning a PlayStation 5, and this time it’s Operation: Tango. Clever Plays winning the Best Multiplayer Game award at gamescom 2020 is a “good kid” spy game that offers two budding spies (Alistair and Angel) to cooperate in order to undermine an international threat. To achieve this, our two heroes will obviously have to help each other to solve many puzzles together. For example, to infiltrate an enemy camp, one of the players will play a hacker, while the other will go directly to the field. With this asymmetrical proposal, the creation focusing on cooperation aims to offer the participants two totally different perspectives.

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