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Final Fantasy Origin: A new exclusive PS5 released at E3 2021?

It’s been several days now that rumors concerning the arrival of a new Final Fantasy circulates on the internet and more precisely on Reddit. Today, these rumors once again come to the fore and predict that a spin-off of the saga will be unveiled at E3 2021.

Last week, the insider Navtra, notably known for his leaks of Life is Strange: True Colors, announced on Reddit that a surprise Final Fantasy exclusive to PlayStation 5 would be announced by Square Enix during E3 2021.

Get ready to see at least one additional major Final Fantasy ad in addition to the new ads on those already announced (Final Fantasy XVI, Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker and Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade). Overall, it should be a good E3 for Square Enix. I think we’ll have two major revelations from Square Enix in June: a Final Fantasy game exclusive to the PS5 and an Eidos cross-gen game. Navtra via Reddit

Today, these rumors, now shared by Nibel and fanbyte, are growing. This brand new opus would be a spin-off and would be called Final Fantasy Origin. Still according to the noises of corridors, this episode would be an exclusive to the PlayStation 5, at least initially (a PC release seems also planned). It would offer players to return to the universe of the very first Final Fantasy game released for the first time on NES on December 18, 1987. But that’s not all, the rumor also indicates that Square Enix would work this time with Team Ninja, studio that we know especially for having directed Dead or Alive 6, Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT, Hyrule Warriors or Nioh first and second of the name. This is good since according to the claims, this spin-off would be greatly inspired by the codes of Nioh 2 or those of Souls. Still according to rumors, this Final Fantasy Origin would offer an alpha demo playable this summer to get feedback from players. The latter would be called Stranger in Paradise.

Of course, all this information is to be taken with big tongues. Also note that Square Enix might change its plans and not present this likely new Final Fantasy production at E3 2021. Now, all we have to do is wait wisely, while hoping that this news is true.

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