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Windows 10: KB5003173 update activates news in the taskbar

The Windows 10 KB5003173 update is available. This update, described as essentially a security and performance update, activates a new feature of Windows 10: news in the taskbar. For now, however, users are reporting some bugs.

Microsoft pushes the Windows 10 KB5003173 update to compatible PCs (Windows 10 1903 and later). Reading the release notes, one might think that this update contains only patches to improve security and performance. But the first users report that at the end of the installation, a new feature is activated in the taskbar.

As you can see, there is now a button that indicates the weather. Click on it and you have access to a panel showing the most important news of the day. The feature recalls Google Discover on Android smartphones. You can click Manage Interests to change the news source, or the categories you want to see when you open the panel.


Under each paper, a menu allows you to react, or liker to see more news of the same kind in the future. This news feed integrated into the taskbar is not completely new. Microsoft had already unveiled it last year. What changes is that Microsoft decided to force its activation on more machines, via an update. And you probably saw it coming: users report some bugs.

After the update, some users complain that the text on the weather button is fuzzy, as if it were displayed in a different definition than the current one on the screen. It also appears that Microsoft did not anticipate that users could use this newsfeed when the taskbar is attached to another edge than the bottom edge.

Finally, apparently, the panel sometimes ceases to function unexpectedly. The panel then shows an empty space, or a loading animation. This last problem is nevertheless very easy to correct. As reported by Windows Latest, you can restart WIndows Explorer via the Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del).

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