Apple Music: HomePod is finally compatible with Hi-Fi, but we’ll have to wait

After a period of hesitation, Apple finally confirmed that its HomePod and HomePod Mini will be compatible with the lossless quality of its music streaming service. This is very good news for users of the already high-performance connected speakers in this field.

A few days ago, the Cupertino firm announced a major update for Apple Music. In addition to the space audio and Dolby Altmos, it is especially the arrival of Hi-Fi quality on the platform that attracted the attention of users. As of next month, they will be able to enjoy optimal audio quality, provided they do not listen to their favorite songs on Bluetooth. Although HomePod plays music via Wi-Fi, some were very disappointed to learn that they would not be compatible with lossless.

But that was before the manufacturer turned back. On the Apple support page dedicated to the feature, it says, “HomePod and HomePod mini currently use AAC format for audio quality. Lossless compatibility will arrive in a future update». The only problem is that we do not currently have any information regarding the deployment date of this next update. If speakers users can look forward to enjoying Hi-Fi quality soon, you will have to be patient.


We don’t know what changed Apple’s mind, but whatever: it will now be relatively easy to listen to music without losing audio in your living room. Until now, it was usually necessary to spend fortunes to equip oneself with good quality enclosures. However, Apple models do not have to be ashamed of their performance in the field, and the arrival of lossless in the Apple Music catalog will only boost the latter.

It should also be noted that Apple includes the first HomePod of the name in the list of devices compatible with the update, even though the firm abandoned its production a little earlier in the year. The latter prefers to bet everything on the HomePod Mini, cheaper and yet just as qualitative. It remains to be seen if Apple will relaunch its luck to the original version, or if on the contrary the Hi-Fi quality will definitively impose the Mini version as a reference in the industry.

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