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Rocket League: the F1 Fan Pack available today, and for a very limited time

The F1 Fan Pack for Rocket League is available today!

An opportunity to show his love for F1, just a few days before the Monaco GP.

Rocket League in F1 mode

Rocket League players will be delighted to learn about the availability of the F1 Fan Pack this Thursday, May 20. As its name suggests, it is a new content pack intended to integrate the world of F1 with the game of Psyonix.

This pack will allow to drive a Formula 1, that it will be possible to decorate in different ways, including with stickers dedicated to each of the official stables present in the current world championship in order to show his love for Mercedes, Alpine, Ferrari or Alfa Romeo. In addition, there are also Pirelli wheels to make the illusion perfect.

Note that it is also possible to download a Formula 1 player banner and that this F1 Fan Pack is only available until May 26. No panic, however, since Psyonix explains that “the F1 package will be back later this year to coincide with major Formula 1 events.”

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