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NVIDIA DLSS support arrives on first VR games and other titles

This month, NVIDIA’s impressive DLSS features nine new games, including the first PC games for VR headsets.

NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Super Sampling, powered by AI, ensures great performance and fluidity, regardless of resolution, continues to open up to other games. To benefit from it, you must of course have a compatible graphics card, namely an RTX series 20 or higher. This month, he is invited on No Man’s Sky as well as its VR version, AMID EVIL, Aron’s Adventure, Everspace 2, Redout: Space Assault, Metro Exodus , Scavengers, Wrench as well as its VR version, and Into the Radius, an exclusively VR title.

The joys of DLSS for the first time in VR

Despite support for DLSS 2.1 in VR launched last year, its implementation for the first time becomes effective this month. The opportunity, according to NVIDIA, to enjoy truly exceptional performances on the first three VR games supported by this technology.

On the VR version of No Man’s Sky, the massive space exploration game of Hello Games, NVIDIA advocates a double performance gain with Ultra graphics. This is enough to maintain the 90 fps required for an optimal experience on Oculus Quest 2, provided you have an RTX 3080 .

On the VR version of Wrench, a mechanic simulation game, NVIDIA announces an impressive performance gain of about 80%. Similarly for Into the Radius, a solo survival FPS and exclusively in VR, Experience will be much more fluid with this technology.

Family of games supporting DLSS grows

Not content to deploy for the first time on VR games, the DLSS is also invited this month on many other games. For most of them, NVIDIA has released a comparison video demonstrating the edifying effectiveness of its flagship technology. For the more demanding, graphs also show the massive gains in performance that this technology brings.

Thus, the excellent Metro Exodus from 4A Games, already impressive from a technical point of view, was released on May 6 in an Enhanced Edition on PC. This one has therefore brought to this beautiful title to radiate the support of ray tracing and DLSS 2.0, for an even more impressive graphic slap.

If the performance gain displayed by this particular graph appears mind-boggling, the observation is even more flagrant on the other titles joining the family of PC games supporting the DLSS. AMID EVIL, the retro FPS, Aron’s Adventure, the impressive independent action-RPG, Everspace 2, the RPG aboard a ship, No Man’s Sky, Redout: Space Assault, the futuristic racing game, Scavengers, the Battle Royale PvPvE and Wrench thus gain furiously in fluidity and performance.

Here is the batch of games that received the salutary support of DLSS for this month. The list should not fail to grow over the next few months, especially on the side of VR games, now that the machine is well launched.

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