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Atari VCS, a hybrid PC/console device

Atari has just opened the first preorders for its new Atari VCS console. It takes the design of the old consoles and includes classic arcade games. The device also works as a media center and a PC

Some will remember with nostalgia the game consoles of the firm Atari, a pioneer of video games that has been discreet in recent years. However, this could change thanks to a new console, developed several years ago and finally available for pre-order. Named Atari VCS, this new device looks like old consoles like the Atari 2600, but hides a complete PC.

The Atari VCS comes with 100 classic games, as well as access to an Atari VCS game store. The console also integrates the Google Chrome browser, and it is possible to install streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime that run in 4K. In addition to this first mode that combines a classic console with media center, Atari has also added a PC mode. Windows, Linux, Chrome OS and Steam OS can be installed.

A progressive global launch

On the hardware side, the console contains an AMD Ryzen Embedded R1606G SoC with a Vega 3 graphics chip, accompanied by 8 gigabytes of RAM for the VCS 800, expandable up to 32 GB. A second version, the VCS 400, is planned with 4GB of RAM and is limited to a Full HD display. It also features a 32 GB eMMC storage with a Sata M.2 SSD jack. Finally, it offers an HDMI 2.0 jack, four USB 3.1 jacks, a Gigabit Ethernet connection, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The path will have been tortuous to reach the market. The Atari VCS was first announced in 2017, with a launch planned for 2019, then postponed to 2020 and finally arrives in 2021. The company sent the first aircraft from December 2020 for those who had financed it on Indiegogo. Pre-orders are currently open for $399 (€328) for the Atari VCS 800. The company has planned a launch with a gradual opening to the world from spring 2021, in the coming weeks…


Inspired by the classic Atari 2600 joystick and Paddle. Precise analog control but also a spinning paddle. The spinning paddle is a game changer for games like Major Havoc, Tempest and Breakout.


The all new Atari VCS Modern Controller is designed for full-featured modern gameplay. Bluetooth wireless, rechargeable, PC/mobile compatible.

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