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Asus ZenBook 13 Oled UX325 with NumPad – Eye-popping at a tight price

Introducing the Asus ZenBook 13 Oled UX325, an ultrabook with a 13-inch screen with an Oled slab. A technology almost non-existent on laptops and that comes to rock this very versatile laptop in another dimension,... for the delight of the eyes.

At Asus, it’s hard not to find the computer that fits their needs. In the range of ultrabooks, there is a model that stands out: the ZenBook 13 Oled UX325. It is sold exclusively for less than 1,000 Dollars . Its special feature is that it has an Oled screen. It is this type of slab that is usually found on mobiles and televisions, but very rarely on computers and even less on ultrabooks. And yet, this screen delivers a beautiful display. Featuring full HD definition (1920 x 1080 pixels), it delivers shimmering colors and the infinite contrast level that characterizes Oled slabs. Unlike LCD panels, the black pixels are actually turned off on OLED screens because there is no constant LED backlight. This implies absolute blacks, so infinite contrasts and a much wider color palette on dark tones.

It should be added that Oled displays are the most responsive and have a response time of 0.2 milliseconds against 10 for a classic LCD display. The screen of the computer being what we are looking at the most, we might as well put our eyes on it, since it is not necessarily more expensive with this ZenBook 13 Oled UX325. To adjust the display according to the moods, Asus has also provided an application called MyAsus and which delivers four modes (normal, lively, manual and Eycare to reduce blue light). To avoid this, Asus has planned the coup with its tool Oled Care which comes to launch a superb screensaver after half an hour of inactivity.

Sold less than 1,000 Dollars

In addition to this exceptional display, the computer is compact and very light (1.14 kg) for its category. Available in grey, its design is racy and it has allure with the use of an aluminum and magnesium alloy for its hood and chassis. Its backlit keyboard extends over the entire width of the computer, but it is especially on its vast touchpad that one must linger. As always, ultramobiles do not have a touch pad, but in the case of this ZenBook, there is one, since it is precisely this touch pad that turns into a virtual digital pad. A real asset when it comes to entering numbers quickly. Under the keyboard, the machinery is not left behind. We find the powerful Intel Core i5-1135G7 with 16 GB of RAM. For storage it is 512 GB that operate. For teleworking and video sessions, an infrared webcam is available. It can be used to unlock the transfer, since it is compatible with Windows Hello. It should also be noted that thanks to the low power consumption of the Oled slab and the on-board high-capacity battery, the computer has an above-average battery life. Asus is talking about 13 hours of battery life, which is huge!

Finally, on the connection side, the manufacturer filled up. In addition to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 6, there are two USB-C sockets, a USB-A jack, a microSD card reader and an HDMI jack. If a headphone jack is missing, Asus provides an adapter that plugs into one of the USB-C.

In the end, for its price, this ZenBook 13 Oled UX325 has weight arguments that make it extremely versatile and its Oled screen presents an asset virtually unheard of in the world of ultrabooks.

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