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Apple promises sound revolution

Be ready, the music will change forever». This is what Apple is already announcing on the eve of unveiling its AirPods 3. Here are some clues about this audio revolution.

In addition to the arrival of AirPods 3 tomorrow, Tuesday, May 18, another revolution in music listening, would be underway at Apple. This is in any case what suggests a small teaser integrated with the Apple Music app. A small slogan indicating that the music will never be the same is displayed. To confirm this intention, the 9to5Mac and 9to5Google sites found traces of the presence of the Dolby Atmos format in the beta version of Apple Music (Android and iOS), that is to say for an immersive sound diffusion and especially the management of files called lossless. These are raw music formats, without clipping or compression. In the end, for sites, it seems clear that Apple is preparing to launch a streaming option in audiophile mode with Music. It is likely that this new feature arrives to inaugurate the arrival of these famous AirPods 3.

10 GB for 200 titles

Both sites focused on the lossless format code. It has two features, with 24-bit/48 kHz playback, that is, delivering a more dynamic range than a CD. The other goes even further with 24 bits/192 kHz. For the latter, streaming promises to be greedy in data. So, Apple estimates that it would take about 10GB of data to play 200 songs for these particular files.

The application code also reveals that only certain titles will be lossless. They should also be labeled Has Lossless in Apple Music, according to the sites. At first glance, the integration of these options should not have an impact on the price of Apple Music’s subscription. In any case, we should learn more tomorrow when the announcement of AirPods 3.

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