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Good news for DC Comics fans! Fortnite welcomes a brand new superhero skin from its universe, and in particular the Teen Titans: Changelin (Beast Boy). How to get this skin? We tell you everything!

The Teen Titans coming together in Fortnite? Epic Games announced on its Twitter account, then on its website, the arrival of a brand new skin within its roster, that of Changelin (Beast Boy in English), member of the team of superheroes mentioned above, starting this Wednesday, May 12. A skin to unlock on the occasion of the Teen Titans Cup which was held on May 12, 2021, at the same time as a back accessory “Soirée canapé”, and which thus joins Raven, already available in the season pass.

Concerning this cup, also know that players getting at least eight points will receive the loading screen “BBRae”, created by the artist Gabriel Picolo, the author of the comic Raven Loves Beast Boy. During this competition, all players also receive the “Beast Boy and Raven” spray. And to participate, as usual, you need to enable two-factor authentication and have an Epic Games account at level 30 or higher.

Also note that the skin is now, as of Friday, May 14, accessible to all players, since 2am (CEST), in the object shop, alongside its back accessory and its pick “Batte bestiale de BB”. A skin accompanied by an integrated emote, “Singerie”, allowing you to transform into a gorilla and blend into the midst of wildlife. Regarding its price, the shop offers the Beast Boy pack, including the skin, the “Bestial Bat of BB” pick, the integrated emote “Singerie” as well as the back accessory “Soirée canapé”, for 2000 V-Bucks. And otherwise, you can buy the skin on your own (including the emote) at 1800 V-Bucks and the pick, separately also, at 800 V-Bucks.

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