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Ubisoft has unveiled the contents of the two upcoming DLCs for Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla… Ready to go in the footsteps of Beowulf or to besiege Paris?

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla reveals itself even more… Ubisoft unveiled in October 2020 the content of its two DLC for the new app around its flagship franchise, Assassin’s Creed. Two DLCs that are part of the Season Pass, accompanied by an exclusive quest available from the launch of the game. And a first DLC whose release date has been slightly postponed, due to the health crisis.

Gamers will be able to launch a quest around the legend of Beowulf, and discover a monstrous truth behind it, but also discover a very first DLC, available as of May 13, 2021, The Wrath of the Druids. A DLC that offers you to go to Ireland and unravel the mysteries of an ancient Druidic cult by tracking its members. Haunted forests and striking landscapes await you in this quest that smells good Gaelic mythology.

The second DLC, Le Siège de Paris, is due out in summer 2021. In this expansion, players will be able to take part in one of the most famous Viking battles in history, the Siege of Paris, which took place between 885 and 887. You will have to infiltrate the fortified city under the influence of Charles Le Gros, one of the last Carolingian sovereigns. Note also that free content should also be offered for all players, including several seasons whose first promises nice things: new area for the colony, Yule festival, new game mode… so many nice surprises to discover throughout the current and upcoming year.

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