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Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra: A powerful 5G smartphone that revolutionizes photography

The Chinese brand has just announced the release of its next high-end 5G smartphone, the Mi 11 Ultra. Designed for photography and equipped with the latest Snapdragon processor, this model is a real alternative to the mastodons of the sector.

The undisputed king of the entry-level range, Xiaomi no longer has much to prove on this product category. Very competitive prices, high-tech and powerful smartphones have made the brand’s success. Today, three new models are available for pre-order in France. High-end smartphones that have no other ambitions than to revolutionize mobile photography! The Mi 11 Ultra embodies this wind of innovation while relying on the fundamentals of the brand that are unbeatable quality/price ratio and superior features, transcending even the field of photography.


This is the starting point for the design of this new model. Xiaomi wanted to bring more than just a novelty, a real revolution in industry. A high challenge that starts with the sensors onboard this smartphone. At the rear, the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra incorporates three cameras including a very powerful professional hardware. No less than 50 MP are incorporated into its sensor, making it the smartphone with the largest mobile camera sensor on the market today. This pioneer will certainly inspire his competitors and already exceeds the best in the field. If the integration of a 50 MP sensor measuring just 1/1.12″ on a smartphone is in itself a technological feat, the Mi 11 Ultra offers a variety of equally innovative features welcome for amateur photographers. An Ultra Night mode allows you to take light shots in the middle of the night, a direct multipoint laser autofocus system allows you to take stock more quickly, more precisely and with a wider field of view and finally a consideration of video captures in 8K HDR make it a very high-end terminal that propels Xiaomi directly to the industry references.


Xiaomi did not skimp on the average screen side. It equips its smartphone with a curved DotDisplay WQHD+ Samsung AMOLED monitor from 6.81 inches to 120Hz. Perfect for mobile play, it offers a maximum brightness of 1,700 nits and can reproduce 1.07 billion colors, allowing a softer and more natural dimming and a more vivid color rendering. The images and videos are vivid and realistic! The Dolby Vision and the HDR10+ are no strangers to this performance since they guarantee unprecedented image quality in the Xiaomi range. At the resolution level, the model reaches 3200 x 1440 for an ultra smooth, fast and detailed display. A beautiful screen also requires special protection and on this point, Xiaomi opted for the Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus™ which protects against daily falls.

Little surprise, the Mi 11 Ultra offers a small secondary screen at the back that permanently displays key information like date, time and notifications while serving as a selfie mirror for taking photos! Very clever.

In terms of sound, Xiaomi offers two speakers designed in collaboration with Harman Kardon, a reference in the field. This allows it to reach an amplitude of 0.8mm max. which is the highest in the market. This addition gives it a certain adaptability to its sound environment in order to provide exceptional audio performance in all circumstances.


36 minutes, that’s the smartphone’s charging time to reach 100%! A performance that borders on science fiction as the batteries are the most difficult elements to evolve. This is the essential point in choosing a mobile phone. Thus, with this very short recharging time, and its 5000 mAh battery incorporating second-generation nano-silicon oxide cathodes give it an autonomy of ten times the storage capacity of traditional batteries.


The Snapdragon™ 888 from Qualcomm® coupled with a LPDDR5 + UFS 3.1 storage system allows the Mi 11 Ultra to be ultra fast in play and for demanding applications. Heat dissipation is also very well thought out and thus prevents overheating thanks to a three-phase cooling, more efficient than a simple thermal gel.

As you will see, Xiaomi has seen great for its new high-end model. Its price is logically higher than its entry-level smartphones, however, the brand remains competitive and offers here a real alternative to other traditional manufacturers while bringing interesting and welcome innovations, in a market with fairly complicated entry barriers in the high end.

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