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A Nintendo Switch Pro, with OLED screen and 4K via DLSS, coming soon? This is what our colleagues at Bloomberg implied, indicating on March 10 that the Japanese firm would be preparing to unveil a new model of its flagship console later this year. Its production was also confirmed, according to several Nintendo suppliers. We take stock!

An Arlesian who may soon be no longer an Arlesian… According to the information of several Nintendo suppliers, and relayed by our colleagues of the Japanese business newspaper Nikkei Asia, the production of a Nintendo SwitchPremium” (we think of course the “pro” version) would have been confirmed, without knowing whether thisthis has already entered production or not. As for the extent to which it will be produced, there is no information on the subject, but it may be limited, as Nintendo faces, like Sony and Microsoft, the global shortage of ABF substrates.

A shortage that, according to Nikkei, does not prevent Nintendo from wanting to increase the production of its classic Switch, given the success of the console. And a goal for Big N: to sell an additional 30 million consoles by the end of the year and set a record for the company by exceeding the number of units sold, owned by Wii.

A brand new console format is similar to a pro model that, according to our Bloomberg colleagues, is about to be unveiled. A new version of the Switch includes an OLED screen and the possibility to display a 4K resolution on screen, once the console is on its dock. Date of arrival of this little jewel of technology? In the course of the year, again according to Bloomberg, and more precisely “for the holiday season”.

A production that should be launched in June 2021, with screens. These would be designed by Samsung Display Co., with “initial monthly target of less than a million units”, would make 7 inches and would be delivered the following month to Nintendo. “The OLED panel will consume less batteries, offer higher contrast and possibly a better response time compared to the current liquid crystal screen of the Switch,” explains Yoshio Tamura, co-founder of the DSCC display expertise firm, to our colleagues from Bloomberg.

On the 4K side, our Bloomberg colleagues also gave some details on Tuesday, March 23, indicating that the Nintendo Switch could use a recent technology, developed by Nvidia since 2018: the DLSS. What is this about? The “Deep learning super sampling” (DLSS) is, as explained by our colleagues from Numerama, “an algorithm […] that allows — on paper — to produce an image in 4K (or more) from a signal of lower quality”.

How does it work? The algorithm in question is able to fill the gaps between a classic graphic version and 4K, by “guessing” the details to add. However, to benefit from this graphic improvement, game developers will have to add an extra line of code to be able to be read by the DLSS and offer a higher quality image. However, not all games (especially those already released) will be able to be broadcast in 4K, and for those who will be, this resolution improvement will only be displayed on TV, via the dock.

A good news, all the same, for all those who are waiting for this console “Pro“, but a news that will have to be formalized by Big N. As a reminder, in the world, the Nintendo Switch has sold 79 million copies since its launch in 2017, making the console the 5th best-selling Nintendo console.

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