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Good news for Pokemon fans! New Pokemon Snap, remake of the eponymous game released on Nintendo 64 in 2000, arrives on Nintendo Switch on April 30, 2021 with a list of Pokemon to take pictures of the most enticing. A new good excuse to go hunting for small pocket monsters... To your cameras!

The fans of the Pokemon videogame franchise have something to celebrate… The Pokemon Company announced this Thursday, January 14, 2021 a release date for New Pokemon Snap, remake of the game released in 2000 on Nintendo 64 and announced only a few weeks ago, late 2020.

And it is through a new trailer that this release date was unveiled. Trainers from all over the world can now go on an adventure since April 30, 2021, on Nintendo Switch, of course. On the soft side, gamers will be able, equipped with their camera, unearth the countless Pokemon that abound in the different islands of the game.

And it is in an all-terrain vehicle, accompanied by Professor Miroir and his assistant Rita, that you can go in search of the best spot to take pictures of Pokemon. “Thanks to the Neo One, you will be able to cross the imposing preserved areas of the region safely. The automatic vehicle will follow several routes through the islands, allowing you to focus on your shots,” explains the press release released by The Pokemon Company.

And regarding the Pokemon confirmed in the app, here is a list, unveiled by our Nintendo Town colleagues:

  • Capumain
  • Charmillon
  • Joliflor
  • Keunotor
  • Tortank
  • Frison
  • Croquine
  • Guerilande
  • Crabagarre
  • Vivaldaim
  • Dodrio
  • Grodrive
  • Noadkoko
  • Ecayon
  • Florges
  • Ouistempo
  • Iguolta
  • Scarhino
  • Hippodocus
  • Lokhlass
  • Léopardus
  • Mackogneur
  • Magicarpe
  • Vaututrice
  • Démanta
  • Méganium
  • Octillery
  • Onix
  • Bekipan
  • Pichu
  • Roucarnage
  • Pikachu
  • Picassaut
  • Scarabrute
  • Oratoria
  • Concombaffe
  • Maraiste
  • Raichu
  • Haydaim
  • Flambino
  • Séviper
  • Sharpedo
  • Tengalice
  • Rapion
  • Monaflèmit
  • Larméléon
  • Carapuce
  • Etourmi,
  • Lakmécygne
  • Bouldeneu
  • Poussifeu
  • Torterra
  • Bazoucan
  • Kraknoix
  • Prismillon
  • Wailord
  • Goélise
  • Axoloto
  • Mangriff

Note that to bait the Pokemon around and make the best picture possible, you will be able to use Tender Apples, among others. As for your score, it will depend on “the posture of the Pokémon photographed, its size in the picture, whether it is turned towards you or not, or its position in the frame”, as explained by our colleagues of game To you, the meadows and other arid areas of Lentis, and see you in April to discover the first game of a long series this year, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the franchise!


New Pokemon Snap – Official Trailer

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