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Nintendo takes us on a crazy and very funny adventure: Miitopia. The 3DS game has been adapted for the Nintendo Switch and is scheduled to be released on the Nintendo console on May 21, 2021. To get a better idea of what’s waiting for you, you can test the free demo, which can be downloaded now on the eShop.

It’s a real horror movie (or game) scenario waiting for you. Imagine yourself in a world where everyone would have lost their face! A world where all the inhabitants have lost their eyes, their nose, their mouth… You have no choice but to confront the avatar of evil who committed this terrible crime, to force him to put all these faces in their place. Go to Miitopia!

You may already know this game in its 3DS version. Nintendo wanted to remastered this title and give it a second life, broadcasting it on Nintendo Switch, from May 21, 2021. Meanwhile, you can download the free demo of the game on the eShop to discover it at your leisure before buying it. The good news is that your progress will not be lost when the full game is finally available.

Miitopia is this crazy adventure that allows us to become a real hero. Create your avatar in your image, personalize your character and create your companions, giving them the appearance you like. Introduce your family, friends, crush and anyone you can think of in your game. Or create an entire world from your imagination alone, it is you who chooses.

Assign a personality and class (warrior, cook, princess, mage, scientist, pop-star, cat (yes, yes), priest…) to your character. Give your allies roles and missions, and think about building a good relationship with them! We can take a break and go to the movies and coffee, even if the whole town has lost its face, right?

Expect to meet enemies who look… surprising. But don’t be fooled: these giant noses that have legs and eyes will make you suffer, just like these live sandwiches and these… penguins?

You’ll understand, Miitopia, it’s a hilarious rpg that doesn’t take itself seriously, but becomes very addictive!

Also know that the game offers a sharing option of Mii, to go colonize the worlds of your friends, and so that their avatars come to visit yours. To do this, simply enter the access key in the share tab.

If you have been waiting for Miitopia to be released on Nintendo Switch for years and you are counting the days until May 21, you can already pre-order the game to be sure to play it as soon as it is released. Miitopia is sold for 48,49 Dollars.

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