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The Brazilian star of the PSG will soon be honored by the famous video game Fortnite. The "gamer" Neymar Jr will have its own character, which all other players will also be able to play in the virtual world. A skin that arrives on April 27, 2021!

Neymar lands in Fortnite. The Brazilian PSG attacker, an unconditional fan of video games and other virtual hobbies, will be rewarded for his love of online gaming by the famous “battle royale” shooter Fortnite. Neymar Jr will now have its own character in the game. A skin that arrives in the Epic Games app from April 27, 2021!

A rather rare tribute from the moderators and creators of Fortnite. The last time they decided to honor a “IRL” personality (for “in real life”) was in 2020 for rapper Travis Scott. Concretely, the virtual Neymar Jr will be a new character present in the game, that the 350 million users of Fortnite will then be able to use and choose as they wish. With like all the other characters available in the game, peculiarities, specificities, and of course a unique look.

To explain this decision, Epic Games (the publisher of the game) says that “sport holds a big place in the life of our players, it is very important for us to have a sports representative in the game”, before recalling that “in the same way as in Fortnite, you can play as Batman, Deadpool, Iron Man or some iconic heroes of movies, books and television, you can play with one of the biggest football players in the world”.

Of course, Epic Games did not randomly select the Brazilian star. Big fan of video games, Neymar Jr indulges in games like Counter Strike, and does not hesitate to “streamer” on Twitch many of his sessions. Most importantly, his Instagram account has 150 million followers… Enough to give water to the mouth of all marketing professionals around the world.

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