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Armored Batman Zero coming soon in Fortnite? This is what some lucky ones could get through a series of codes hidden in the six volumes of the comic strip DC Comics, created in collaboration with Epic Games and titled Fortnite x Batman Zero Point. A comics whose first issue was released on April 20, 2021 in some countries. As for the skin, it was unveiled in a trailer

Batman soon back in Fortnite? Not for everyone, it seems, at least not right away… And for good reason: This one will initially be available in several countries including the United States, Germany, Italy or the Czech Republic, only for the lucky ones who were able to obtain the six numbers of a comics created especially for the occasion. Titled Fortnite x Batman Zero Point, it should, thanks to the codes available in each volume, allow you to unlock the skin of Armored Batman Zero. Comics that should arrive later in France, in the fall, at the same time as in Korea or Japan.

Concerning this comic strip, know that the first volume is available since Tuesday, April 20 in some countries, and allows you to unlock an exclusive skin, that of Rebirth Harley Quinn. Regarding the other cosmetics to come, no information has been communicated for the moment, but these do concern DC Comics, the six issues being a collaboration between Epic Games and the American giant of the comics, announced several months ago.

Note that for all those who will not be able to have the chance to find these comics, do not panic: skins and other cosmetics will be accessible later, at each issue release, in the shop of objects of the game, with the exception of Rebirth Harley Quinn, which will be available in June in the shop. As for the skin of Batman, we know what it looks like, as you can see in the trailer unveiled by DC Comics for the occasion. In short, what to complete his collection and to occupy the mind with a comics, while remaining in the universe of Fortnite.

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